Redevelopment of the apartment

A redevelopment of an apartment is considered a set of works that are aimed at changing certain characteristics of the house. Of course, we are talking about a house commissioned. The redevelopment of the apartment concerns only non-bearing walls. For example, connecting a bathroom, expanding rooms with a loggia, combining rooms, etc.

Redevelopment of premises requires legalization, in particular, obtaining a new technical passport. In this document, everything should fully comply with the characteristics of the apartment in reality. The legality of the redevelopment must be confirmed by an appropriate document. It will be quite difficult to understand this issue without the qualified assistance of lawyers. In addition, it is almost impossible to sell an apartment with unauthorized redevelopment in the future.

Redevelopment options for premises

Most often, redevelopment of an apartment (Kharkov) is relevant for a one-room apartment. Each owner of the apartment has his own preferences and ideas about a comfortable home. A common redevelopment option is the combination of a bathroom and a toilet, as well as the destruction of various cabinets (built-in). Highlighting a bedroom is another type of redevelopment that is in demand among customers. In fact, the apartment “turns” into a two-room apartment, due to the large number of partitions.

Among the young generation, a popular redevelopment in a studio apartment. It has a fenced bathroom only. The rest of the space is one. In such an apartment, you can highlight specific areas for recreation, workplace, etc.

Redevelopment of a private house

Redevelopment of the house as well as apartments requires special permission. Remodeling a home is a very time-consuming and responsible process. We recommend entrusting this matter to professionals of the architectural company DeZZign. At the first stage of our cooperation with the customer, we find out what exactly he would like to change indoors. After that, specialists model the picture that the client would like to see in the end. Then, a redevelopment project is developed. It will include features of future designs, design, measurements, etc.

Redevelopment of non-residential premises is one of the services of our architectural bureau. We will help you change the premises and equip it with a warehouse, office and other commercial facilities. DeZZign professionals will redevelop your apartment, house or non-residential premises and will deliver the property on time. In addition to technical issues, we will tell you what redevelopments need to be legalized and help you with this bureaucratic procedure.

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