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Stylish office design - company business card

The modern and thoughtful interior of the office, for today, is his best calling card. It is he who can reveal all the values ​​of the organization, in particular, the comfort of employees, partners and customers. Office design (Kharkov) is the creation of an internal atmosphere in the company. The productivity of employees directly depends on the competent design of the work area and recreation area. It should be emphasized that the design of the office project should be developed by professionals. They will find the perfect balance between style in the interior and the functions of each individual room.

The design of the office project by specialists of the architectural agency DeZZign is a unique combination of current trends and individual customer wishes. The work of our masters is always distinguished by its success and productivity.

The fact is known that the design of any interior can improve mood or, conversely, depress. Considering that a person spends almost ⅓ of his whole life at work, it is necessary to organize the space in such a way that it is convenient to carry out the assigned tasks.

A functional office interior should create the most comfortable atmosphere. When visiting clients or partners of an office, they must immediately understand the importance of the company.

Feature of office interiors

The very first thing you need to start office design with is to determine the wishes of the client, choose the style and specific features of the room. Important is the division of the area for individual services and the distribution of zones by function. In the process of creating an office design, it is necessary to take into account the nuances regarding planning. You should also consider the issues of lighting, the color scheme of the room, sound insulation, air conditioning in the hot season and much more.

The cost of the design of the office project will depend on the complexity of the task, the necessary documentation, the area and the specific features of the room. When designing an office interior design, these important points should be considered:

  • The scope of the organization.
  • The principles of the company, its values.
  • Color combinations in the logo.
  • Office Design Styles
  • Any office should fully comply with modern fashion trends. Office design styles can be completely different. The main condition is a combination of formality and uniqueness of the stylistic direction.

Office design in a modern style has its own characteristics. Among them:

  • Focus on convenience, not just presentability. In addition to the workspace, you should organize a place for emotional relaxation.
  • Skillful selection of colors. Coloring should create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Too many bright shades should be avoided so that employees do not lose focus.
  • Locality of lighting. In modern styling, central lighting is rarely used. As a rule, lamps of various brightness are used directly near the working area.

Design office project in the loft style is ideal for:

  • Companies in which creative people work.
  • Modern organizations, where there is a lot of space and light.

Loft style is great for those companies that want to save money. This is due to the fact that the main features of the style are simplicity and cost minimization.

Office Design by DeZZign - Combining Quality and Reliability

If you decide to order an office interior design, we recommend that you contact our architectural company DeZZign. Designers will develop the optimal layout and style. The interior will, without a doubt, be unique. Among our advantages we distinguish the following:

  • Development of designs of any level of complexity.
  • For each customer an individual approach.
  • Coherence at work.
  • The vast experience of designers.
  • The ability to order a turnkey office design.
  • Favorable price for services for customers.

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