Projects of houses designed for two families

What is a 2-family house project? It should be said that this direction is quite new in our country. This type of construction is gaining more and more popularity. Such houses are also called duplex. They are much more comfortable than spacious apartments. The project for a 2-family house is a building with the same structure and united by a roof and a wall. This option is considered ideal for best friends and large families who communicate well with each other. The duplex house has several entrances that are independent of each other. Each part of the house is an individual living space.

The main advantages of duplex houses

  • Profitability. Most often, the construction of a duplex house takes less financial resources. This is due to the fact that the cost of roofing and foundation is reduced. Communications and the roof of such houses are common.
  • The communication of a 2-family house significantly reduces the cost of operating the building (by 40%) compared to a country house or cottage.
  • Excellent heat and sound insulation as the building has double walls. They divide the house into 2 parts.

Projects of houses for 2 families in Kharkov

A team of experienced and talented architects DeZZign will be able to develop an amazing project for a 2-family house. Our company in the process of cooperation:

  • We carry out control at all stages of construction.
  • We develop unusual design solutions.
  • We comply with all established safety standards.
  • It works for a quality result.