Living room interior

Interior of a living room in an apartment and a house

         The center of absolutely any home is the hall. This room is the brightest and most spacious. It is in the living room that all family members gather after a hard working day, they receive guests here. The design of the living room should combine such qualities: convenience, beauty, functionality, style. In the interior of the hall you can realize any dreams that can easily become real. If a professional takes up the design of a living room, he will use the most daring design ideas and architectural forms. Without a doubt, most of the daily time the family spends in the hall. This room combines all the other parts of the room.

       The living room in the house or apartment can be combined with a bedroom, an office, a library, an entrance hall and other rooms. The design of the hall will set the tone for the entire housing. In the house or cottage, the living room is a spacious room, which has many functional areas.

Living Room Design - Key Features

       The design of the room has the main task - the proper arrangement of furniture and skillful zoning.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the center of the hall, from which the whole interior will then be formed.

One of the main attributes of the living room is a sofa, armchairs and other soft furniture elements. Typically, this furniture is located near a bar or fireplace. In small rooms, the sofa is usually located opposite the TV.

In order not to clutter up the living room, it is by no means worth placing armchairs and a sofa around the perimeter of the hall.

The most common additions to the living room are: large vases, a coffee table, sculptures, figurines, paintings.

The kitchen-living room is allocated a large table for a meal for the whole family and guests. The furniture in the hall should correspond to the general style of the room. Covers and upholstery in harmony with other attributes of furniture.

Slides and walls in the living rooms are used subject to a spacious room. They have nicely designed niches. Most often, this furniture paraphernalia is performed in a minimalist style. However, you can give preference to the classics.

Shelves are used to place books, souvenirs, antiques, photographs and other items. A practical solution is to combine hidden and open systems for storing things in one room.

The work area is designed in a simple style with high-quality lighting, a comfortable and stylish armchair. You should put a table for office equipment and a computer (laptop).

To expand the multimedia qualities of the room, it is better to put a home theater. It will help all households enjoy interesting films on cozy evenings.

An ordinary ottoman will perfectly complement the interior of the living room. You can not only sit on it, but also use it in the form of a table. It is very important that the puffin does not break out of the general style of the hall.

Common Living Room Interior Styles

       The design of halls in apartments and houses can be made in the following styles:

Classic style. It is characterized by soft lines, functionality and massive furniture. Comfortable atmosphere is the main feature of the classic style in the interior. Every detail in the room is in perfect harmony. With the help of candles or lighting, a fireplace stands out. The interior of the living room can be wonderfully complemented by art painting. Author's paintings are also in high demand.

High tech. It is characterized by a minimalist design combined with functionality. Shades are used strict, the lines are clear. Decor elements are all concise. The furniture is simple and, as a rule, there are no decor details on it.

The style is monochrome. Here, the design principle is based on using the same color in the interior. For example, you can give preference to white or black flowers. Around them, additional shades will already be selected. Black color is remarkably emphasized in gray or beige shades.

Modern. It is relevant among true connoisseurs of the most fashionable accessories. Original furniture and extraordinary decorative elements are the main signs of the Art Nouveau style. A harmonious composition is achieved through combinations of various shades and shapes.

Futurism, Brutalism, Techno, Urban are characterized by clear zoning of the room. Thanks to these styles, the room is extravagant and original.

 Pop Art, Vanguard. Unusual modern styles that give the living room a play of contrasts.

How to achieve zoning?

      Proper zoning of the room is the main task of any interior. You can achieve it in the following ways:

Remarkable space dividers are bar counters, cabinets, racks, plasterboard partitions.

A common zoning technique is an arched opening. In addition, it adds sophistication to the interior.

For the decoration of the ceiling, the correct selection of materials is important.

The emphasis, thanks to lighting - the main technique for zoning the room.

In cases where the living room is combined with the kitchen, various floor coverings will be an excellent option for zoning. For example, the kitchen area is covered with ceramic tiles and the floor in the living room with laminate.

Perfectly selected curtains will be a great way to zoning a room. You can choose curtains from heavy or light fabric. It directly depends on the preferred style of the living room. They will give the room uniqueness and elegance.

If the living room has a small area, it is better to use light shades in the interior. Bulky and large furniture should also be discarded.

 Design rooms of different sizes

     The design of the hall is selected in accordance with the dimensions of the room. We will figure out how to give the living room coziness, choosing the interior depending on its size.

Hall 16 sq.m. For such a small room, you need to choose the right finishes and furniture. This will help to expand the available space. It is important to use wall lights that will visually increase the ceiling. You should also follow the basic design rules for a small room, among which: use only light colors, the selection of compact furniture, the rejection of unnecessary decorative elements.

Hall 18 sq. m. The interior of such a room will depend on its shape (rectangular or square). For a square, discreet shades will be relevant, the corner sofa will fit perfectly. For a rectangular living room, you can choose a design in black and white. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the curtains so that they “illuminate” the room and do not make it gloomy.

Hall 20 sq. m. Of course, the larger the room, the designer has a greater flight of imagination. With this area of ​​the hall, you can use almost any color scheme. To create perfect comfort, for example, brown is a wonderful fit. But do not forget that the room should be functional.

    Design living room in Kiev, without a doubt, you can pick up any. It all depends on the specific wishes of the owner of the house or apartment. Even the smallest room can be made fabulous by design professionals.

Design of drawing rooms in Kharkov

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