Hallway interior

Features of the interior of the hallway, lobby, lobby

The entrance hall is exactly the room in which guests enter immediately. The design of the hallway can tell a lot about the residents of a house or apartment. It sets the mood for the interior of the entire home. Therefore, it is very important to carefully consider the design of this room.

The design of the lobby, hall, hallway are responsible for the impression of the whole room. The choice of design (colors, stylistics, lighting, etc.) should be detailed. In the first place, of course, is comfort. But do not forget about ergonomics and the selection of quality materials. Therefore, a rational decision will be to apply for the selection of the interior hallway to professionals. Experienced designers can make the hall perfect thanks to modern 3-D visualization. Then, turn these wonderful ideas into reality. We will examine in detail what features should be considered when creating the interior of the hallway of a room (hotel, salon, office, etc.):

It is advisable to cover the floor in the lobby of the hotel, salon or office with a non-marking and non-slippery tile. As for the walls, they are made using wear-resistant panels. The decoration of the walls directly depends on the area of ​​the lobby.

Furniture for visitors must be positioned ergonomically. Plants, mirrors and other decorative elements need to be placed so that customers feel as comfortable as possible. At the reception it is best to select discreet and not too bright furniture. This part should position the person to the whole building and harmoniously fit into the overall style of the institution.

It is important to correctly position the main components of the security system (fire extinguisher, burglar alarm, video system, etc.). It is also necessary to control visitors.

The lobby in the office should be decorated conveniently for visitors and employees of the institution. Furniture with simple shapes is perfect. Zoning and delimitation of space will look great. Lighting should be done comfortably for all who are in the institution. Here, the main thing is to find a balance between too bright and dim light. In the office, it is reasonable to design the reception room with non-marking and high-quality materials (beautiful tiles or a reliable laminate).

From the lobby, visitors should easily get into the bathroom without spending a lot of time searching for it.

The lobby of a restaurant, cafe or other entertainment venue should not be out of the general concept of the interior. Furniture should be selected functional to create a comfortable environment. The basic rule of the design of the lobby and hall of such institutions is to immediately arouse the desire of the client to visit the institutions. To do this, you need to charm it with decor and comfort.

Private house and apartment - hallway interior

The interior of the hallway suggests the following:

The use of only a practical floor covering that must withstand damp and cleaning (for example, a wear-resistant and durable laminate).

For wall decoration, materials that will be stable after contact with umbrellas, outerwear, bags and will not leave marks should be selected. In a spacious cottage, a stone will look appropriate. To decorate the hallway in the apartment suitable vinyl wallpaper or decorative plaster.

In hallways with a small area, you should not put bulky furniture. Zoning is relevant here. Fitted cabinets, niches used to store various things and accessories. To visually expand the ceilings will help the mirror.

Regarding lighting, it should be of 2 types - general (main lamp) and functional (sconce). Usually, the mirror is selected in such a way that the person fits in full height.

The purchase of furniture is based on the size of the room. Near the mirror, a hanger and small lockers for things will look great.

The interior of the small hallway will not do without practical furniture, where there will be niches for storing accessories. The shoe rack can be open or closed with a pedestal.

In a spacious house from the hallway, you need to make access to the bathroom for guests.

Hall and Hall Design Ideas

       The entrance hall, the design of which will be decorated in a specific style, will attract the attention of guests at home.

High tech. Ideal style for spacious hallways. Here metal or plastic furniture harmoniously looks. The layout encouraged minimalism. The color scheme is silver.

Classic style. It is characterized by strict and restrained forms. Chandeliers, mirrors and other furniture elements must be functional and rational. Classics replete with golden, bronze, black colors.

Country. Ecologically clean materials are used (wood, imitation of bricks, floral motifs, hand made jewelry).

Provence. It is characterized by light-colored furniture, the use of lamps and mirrors, forged furniture. A great solution would be decorating the walls with photographs and paintings.

Art Deco. Exquisite lamps, huge mirrors, expensive materials - all this is inherent in this style.

Design of a hall in Kharkov

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