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A little history of the origin of the word "kitchen"

       Kitchen - rooms in a dwelling that collects and unites the whole family. Where did the name "cuisine" come to be familiar to us all from? It is difficult to believe in it, but in the form in which we now use this concept, appeared only 150 years ago. Until this moment, such a room was not functional, so it was located in the basement. The name itself came to us from the German language - "kyuhe". That is what it means "kitchen."

       Today, kitchen design in Kiev, Kharkov or in any other corner of Ukraine is an integral part of the interior of the entire home. This is due to the fact that the kitchen has a special place in the house or apartment. In addition, modern offices are equipped with kitchens, where employees can have lunch and just relax. In a word, it is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without a kitchen. Due to the huge number of styles in the interior, any kitchen can be turned into a paradise. Here, not only households will have a meal, but will also be able to work, relax, watch interesting films. And most importantly, the hostess will be happy to create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, which has a chic interior.

What requirements should a modern kitchen meet?

       When planning a kitchen repair or moving to a new place of residence, the main question for people remains - what should be the kitchen space? From this, kitchen design will be selected. First of all, the interior of the kitchen must comply with the rules of ergonomics and be made in a certain style. In order to properly equip the space in the kitchen, it is necessary to be based on such criteria as:

Functionality. It is achieved by equipping the kitchen with various appliances.

Practicality. Each zone in the room should be reasonably divided.

Comfort. The stereotype that the kitchen is primarily a place of cooking has long been a thing of the past.

Beauty. Of course, this is not the most important criterion, however, aesthetic pleasure is important.

       Furniture in the kitchen should be practical, rational and durable. Achieving maximum comfort is ensured thanks to the amazing design.

Kitchen Design Ideas

       The kitchen, which is separated from other rooms in the room, is traditional for most people. As a rule, in old houses, kitchens have a small area (up to 10 square meters). Usually, in such a kitchen is a kitchen, table, refrigerator, sink. However, I want to make even the smallest kitchen as comfortable as possible. To do this, you can connect this room with another space in the room. This will give scope and expand opportunities for the design of the kitchen.

     The interiors of the kitchen can be completely different. Let us consider in detail what ideas will be able to make the kitchen space unusual, comfortable and practical.

Design restraint. If you prefer the simple design of the kitchen, but want to add a twist to it, then golden shades will come to the rescue. The main rule for the kitchen - the situation should not be colorful and elegant. If you cannot choose a color scheme (as a rule, this happens when arranging a room from scratch), then you can choose a win-win option: walls and furniture in neutral colors (beige, gray) combined with gold details.

Simple and stylish design options for the kitchen using white. As you know, such a color is able to visually make even the smallest kitchen spacious. By the way, white shade surfaces are the same in color as other colors. So for practicality you should not worry. It is necessary to combine white shades with contrasting materials.

Pastel colors are the key to comfort and cheerfulness. Such shades (beige, sulfur and others) are universal, as they are suitable for any area and style of the kitchen.

For the northern cuisine yellow shades are perfect. It's no secret that yellow color effectively copes with depression and serves as an excellent energetic. However, experienced designers know that with yellow, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, it will just be annoying.

Using colorful tiles to create incredible comfort. Such tiles on the floor or on the wall attract attention. It is suitable for a small and spacious kitchen. Harmoniously tile fits into modern and classic styles.

Extending the room with mirrors. An unusual solution would be to use mirrors in the kitchen (of course, if space allows). The safest plastic mirrors.

     Of course, there are a huge number of incredible ideas for decorating the kitchen space. The kitchen designer, who leads the entire project, will definitely tell you what style to choose, colors, furniture and much more.

Skillful combination of kitchen with other room

      The kitchen-living room is the most common combination of a kitchen with another room. It visually perfectly expands the area. In addition, it turns out a versatile room where you can simultaneously cook, watch TV, chat with family.

      The kitchen studio has gained wide popularity, the design of which has no boundaries. The studio is especially relevant for a studio apartment. To create a kitchen studio, the wall is completely or partially demolished. This process is quite laborious, but using the services of a professional architect, you can avoid exhausting repair work. Without a doubt, creating a complex design without the help of a professional is quite difficult. Therefore, it is best to order a kitchen design in Kharkov in the architectural company DeZZign.

      For a small office, a kitchenette is suitable. It is compact and functional. Very often, the kitchen in the office consists of a closet, which houses all the necessary kitchen utensils. Design should not stand out from the overall style of the office. Therefore, the design of the kitchen in the office must be taken seriously and carefully thought out. If the office has a large area, then without a kitchenette, definitely, you can not do.

     A rare occurrence is the kitchen cabinet. But such a combination is gaining unprecedented popularity. This is due to the fact that remote work is very fashionable now. In the kitchen, you can work at any time of the day, calmly while drinking coffee. For those who are not burdened with daily trips to the office, this kitchen option is ideal.

      The kitchen-dining room is suitable for a huge space. Separation is carried out in order to differentiate the area into zones.

      You can combine the kitchen with almost any room. It all depends on the individual preferences of the homeowner, as well as on the ideas of the designer.

The main areas of the kitchen

      The allocation of functional areas in the kitchen is one of the foundations for designing this room. So, what are the areas in the kitchen space?

For cooking (working). Here the kitchen should be conveniently located. The sink, work area, cooking surface and other parts should be easy to clean.

Eating This area is furnished with furniture such as a table and chairs. In principle, one should not invent any additional elements in the area where the meal is served.

Storage of cooking utensils and products. Shelving and compact boxes will help in this matter.

A place to relax. This area is relevant for the kitchen-living room. Here is a sofa, an armchair, equipped with space appliances. Immediately after the meal, you can have a good rest.

      The interiors of a small kitchen are difficult to zone. However, with a reasonable design approach, even the smallest kitchen space can be skillfully divided.

Ways of zoning the space in the kitchen

       The design of the kitchen in the apartment and the house can be zoned space using:

Lighting. This technique is used by almost all designers. For example, the cooking and eating areas can be separated thanks to the lighting. For cooking, you need bright light, but for eating food, lighting is required soft. As a rule, pendant lighting devices are placed above the table. For the working area, wall lights are suitable.

Color schemes. Designing walls in a specific color will help to stylishly divide the kitchen. A smooth transition of colors from a single gamut will look great. The contrast of all zones is a great design idea. An important rule that must be observed when combining a kitchen with another room is maintaining one color style.

Bar counter. This element is light enough, but very effective for dividing the kitchen into zones. The bar counter is perfect for a small kitchen, which does not fit a dining table. It is in demand among young couples who prefer to sit in the kitchen with their close friends.

Various materials for decorating the room. Functional areas are remarkably separated thanks to the use of different floor coverings.

Decorative elements - interesting ideas

      We will tell you how you can complement the interiors of kitchens with attractive ideas.

In the kitchen-living room you can hang a TV on the wall to watch your favorite movie or program. This method is used by most owners of kitchens combined with the living room.

In the recreation area you can hang a beautiful picture or equip the wall with a magnetic slate board.

A huge aquarium will perfectly divide the functional areas in the kitchen.

Round and transparent tables that visually expand the space are suitable for a small kitchen.

The kitchenette in the office can be separated from the work area using the rack.

In a large office, an interesting solution for separating the kitchen will be a glass partition.

With the combined space, you can use a small podium.

       Very carefully you need to approach the selection of details that will become elements of the decor of the kitchen. For example:

Using flower pots can become a room zoning tool.

Curtains should be selected in accordance with the style in the kitchen. At the same time, they should be practical (do not get dirty quickly).

A functional and, at the same time, a decorative element in the kitchen will be a watch. Their color should not get out of the general concept of the kitchen.

     The decoration of the kitchen plays an important role. There are a large number of options for chic kitchen decor.

The right selection of equipment and furniture

      Ergonomic, stylish and comfortable environment - this is a well-thought-out layout of the kitchen, a good arrangement of furniture and the right selection of equipment. Furniture is selected based on the overall style of the room. For example, for classics, kitchen utensils made of wood are suitable, but the countertop will look great made of stone. Of course, there are many options for finishing countertops. In a minimalistic direction, modern technology must be masked so that it does not catch the eye. For the kitchen-living room, it is preferable to choose the built-in appliances. Also, island cuisine will perfectly fit into it. It will be a convenient place for cooking, eating. In addition, this kitchen option perfectly shares the space. It can store utensils, kitchen utensils. Of course, the cost of island cuisine is quite high. But it is fully justified by functionality.

     It is very responsible to approach the choice of a kitchen set. At first glance, it does not seem to matter much. However, it is such a detail that perfectly emphasizes the entire style of the room.

      A kitchen sink can be made of the following materials: ceramics, stainless steel, artificial stone and other materials. Sinks are either superimposed on top of the countertop, or built into it.

      Definitely, an important attribute of any kitchen is furniture. The design of the kitchen-studio involves the selection of various furniture that will be harmoniously combined with each other. As a rule, a table and chairs are selected in a single style. Most often, people prefer custom-made kitchens. Designers will help you choose the right style.

     Each stylistic direction is characterized by its own characteristics in the design of the kitchen. So:

For rustic, classic, Italian style and country style, wooden tables and chairs are ideal. The classic interior will feature a massive chandelier.

Provence will look great with wooden furniture.

For the Loft, Modern, High-tech styles, glass tables are appropriate. Loft is also characterized by brickwork. The most common colors are black, white, brown.

The main feature of the Scandinavian style is bright accents in the color scheme. Any extra items and decor elements in the kitchen in this style are absent. This area is ideal for small kitchens.

High tech needs a lot of light. This can be achieved with high-quality lighting. But, keep in mind that this style is one of the most difficult.

The vintage direction involves the use of antique furniture. It is noteworthy that you can order a special "aging" of furniture, which is achieved due to scuffs and other methods.

The interior of the kitchen from DeZZign

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