Bedroom interior

Bedroom story

        In the old days, a place to sleep was a luxury. Only nobles and kings could afford it. Ordinary citizens slept in dormitory rooms. Sometimes they were even in the same room with cattle. Since the 16th century, such a type of room as a bedroom has become accessible to everyone. People began to equip a sleeping room for themselves and their children.

         Today, the pace of life is very tiring for a modern person. Therefore, rest and sleep occupy an important place in everyday life. Accordingly, the design of the bedroom should be selected in such a way as to: create comfort for all family members, create a cozy atmosphere where you can relax after a hard day's work, and have a favorable and relaxing effect on the entire human body. The primary criterion for a bedroom is convenience. In this room, absolutely everything should be in harmony and perfectly combined. Designer bedrooms will make the room personal, intimate, attractive. Here you can relax, stay in a romantic atmosphere. Professional designers will create harmony and comfort for the pacification of all households. Consider all the most important aspects of creating a perfect interior in a bedroom, reveal the secrets of choosing the best style in this room.

Types of bedrooms

         The interiors of bedrooms directly depend on the varieties of these rooms. So, there are bedrooms:

Bedroom in the apartment. Usually, this is an isolated room in which a person sleeps and rests. The main advantage of these rooms is the possible choice of almost any stylistic direction. Ideas for decorating such a bedroom are not limited. They will only vary from the area of ​​the room, the height of the ceiling, the type of bedroom (adult or children). In the apartment there is no need to combine the bedroom with other rooms to expand the space. Therefore, zoning methods are also not needed.

Living room bedroom. As a rule, this type of combination is relevant for a studio apartment. It is difficult to call it a whim, but rather it is a necessary measure. Here you can’t do without zoning, since you need to separate the zone for sleeping and for receiving guests. To do this, you can use various racks, cabinets. Also, it will be interesting to look at the bed, located on a hill. Steel and partitions made of drywall are fashionable. Transformer furniture would be ideal for a too small bedroom.

Guest bedroom with private bathroom. Nowadays, these types of bedrooms have become very popular. This solution is quite practical, because guests will not feel uncomfortable staying overnight in a strange house. And the owners, do not have to once again confuse the guests.

Bedroom with dressing room. A separate dressing room is a wonderful option for those who keep an eye on home and, accordingly, regularly update their wardrobe. The wardrobe room will cope with the task of storing various things. Combining it with the bedroom, you can not clutter up the room with bulky cabinets that take up space. Of course, if even in the design process a separate dressing room was laid, then there will be no difficulties when creating the interior of a bedroom with a dressing room. If this was not in the project, you can create a dressing room in the following ways: installing a partition (glass, wooden, etc.), highlighting the corner for the dressing room, which will be closed using sliding doors.

Bedroom with bathroom. Often in films we see how, after taking a bath, you can immediately go to bed. Such a wonderful combination of the bedroom is not very practical, however, the aesthetic side surpasses itself. The design of the bedroom, which is combined with the bathroom, must be carefully designed. It looks very unusual bedroom, separated from the bathroom with a glass partition. This interior looks very modern and beautiful.

The bedroom, which is combined with the study. Today, such a solution is one of the most common. It would be reasonable to arrange the working area near the window, and the sleeping area on the contrary. In order to perfectly separate these zones, it is best to use lighting or original color schemes. With a small area of ​​the bedroom, a computer or laptop can be placed in a closet. Also relevant for zoning room screens, partitions. They create an incredibly comfortable atmosphere, wonderfully fulfilling their functions of dividing a room into zones.

Children bedroom. The furniture and interior of the children's room is different from the adult bedroom. The design of the bedroom for the child should include the separation of space for sleep, games and lessons. All decor should be in harmony. It is necessary to correctly arrange furniture, choose lighting. It is important that the child should like in his own room. Particular attention should be paid to the bedroom if the child is just unlearning from joint sleep. The room, no doubt, should create a pleasant impression on him.

Corner bedroom. This bedroom will house a corner set. Most often, this is a corner cabinet, which is used for its intended purpose or for successful camouflage (for example, a workplace).

Bedroom with terrace. The bedroom, which immediately opens onto the terrace, in truth, is considered the dream of everyone who has a private house. The room will be saturated with solar heat, light and fresh air. The bedroom with terrace is great for creative people. If the terrace overlooks picturesque places, then you can wonderfully be inspired by such a nature.

Mini bedroom. The name speaks for itself. The bedroom is small in size. It is important to place furniture ergonomically. Particular care should be taken when choosing a decor. Every little thing needs attention. But, most importantly, hiding all the furniture attributes, do not overdo it. An experienced designer can turn a mini-bedroom into a real work.

Bedroom with kitchen. In such a room, you should take care of a quality hood. This type of bedroom is not too common, however, there is a place to be. Mostly, the bedroom is combined with the kitchen in the studio apartment.

Perfect lighting

        The layout of the bedroom should assume the correct placement of lighting. This includes: placing outlets, laying cables, approximate location of lighting fixtures.

        The bedroom is not only a place to sleep. In it you can read a book, watch a movie, bring beauty (relevant for women). Therefore, if you plan to divide the room into certain zones (for recreation, work, dressing area, etc.). The working area should be well lit. As for the recreation area, here the lighting will be soft and not bright. The use of certain models of lighting products depends on the style of the room. So, for example, the use of modern lamps is unacceptable for the vintage direction.

       When zoning the bedroom, for each zone you also need local lighting. For fans of reading at the head, you can arrange a wall sconce. Thus, excellent reading will be provided without disturbing your soulmate. With the help of amazing lamps, you can highlight absolutely any area (cabinet, furniture, cabinet, bed, etc.).

       To create a romantic atmosphere is the main task for the bedroom, where a young couple is resting. For this, a candlestick is suitable. The choice of such accessories is wide enough, so it’s not at all difficult to choose a lamp suitable for the interior of the bedroom.

Rules for choosing a bedroom design

       A successful bedroom interior design depends on many criteria. Color schemes can be very diverse. With the help of color, you can emphasize the chosen style in the bedroom. The selection of colors depends on the taste preferences of the residents of the house or apartment. Also, color can affect the visual expansion or reduction of space. According to psychologists, the interior of the bedroom should be done in calm pastel colors. They contribute to peace, have a beneficial effect on the psyche, and soothe. The design of the bedroom in bright colors is appropriate for young couples or for emotional people. In order to understand which color will be the most suitable for a bedroom, one can read the effect of shades on a person. People who do not delve into psychology, but simply trust their taste, order a bedroom design in any color.

       For bedrooms on the east side, light curtains are suitable. They will let in light and make the room airy. Dark curtains will appeal to those who wish to bring the sacrament to the bedroom. This is due to the fact that for many the bedroom is a place for privacy and intimacy. When choosing curtains in a room, one should take into account not only taste preferences, but also the style of the bedroom, as well as furniture.

      When choosing a floor, it is necessary to determine what are the priority criteria: ease in the cleaning process, heat, hypoallergenicity, appearance or strength.

       For comfort from a psychological point of view, indoor plants will help in the bedroom. They also contribute to good sleep and peace of mind. To clean the air, it is better to put an ionizer. It perfectly relieves fatigue and strengthens sleep. Often in the bedroom set dressing tables. The beautiful half of humanity will be able to perform cosmetic procedures. Look harmonious in the bedroom mirror. However, anyone who adheres to choosing the interior of Feng Shui should know that mirrors take energy. In this case, this decoration element should be discarded.

       Among the furniture, cabinets, beds and chests of drawers are most often used. Corner cabinets are popular. The bed should be reliable and spacious. A large chest of drawers allows you to neatly store things. The bedroom can be supplemented with ottomans, dressing tables and bedside tables.

Bedroom Styles

The classic version. The bedroom, the design of which is decorated in a classic style, is very bright and spacious. Only high-quality furniture and beautiful decorative elements should be used. In the classic interior, you need to adhere to specific color shades, textiles, decor. Practical people who value the established traditions give classics. Here, a discreet decorative design is relevant. Classic bedrooms look elegant and relaxed.

Modern style. The interior of these bedrooms is very comfortable and simple. The furniture in these bedrooms is functional, it is located rationally. The layout of the bedroom can be varied.

Japanese style. Going into the bedroom, guessing the eastern motive is easy enough. It uses natural shades. Very often, the bed is set on the podium.

Provence. The use of light shades is the main rule for Provence. There should be no contrasts.

High tech. Its feature is the use of the latest technologies and materials for decorating a room. There are no decorative elements on the furniture. You can revive the interior of this style using indoor plants.

Antique style. The design of the bedroom, made in antique style, is distinguished by the harmony of color and unusual architecture. For all lovers of luxurious room decoration, the antique direction will appeal to you.

Minimalism. This concept has become quite popular. For those who do not like excess items in the room and prefer simplicity, it is worth choosing a minimalistic direction in the interior.

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