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Professional interior design of a restaurant and cafe

The restaurant business is one of the most profitable and, at the same time, complex. Skillfully selected interior design of the restaurant, cafe can affect the profitability of the institution. The presentation of the premises plays a crucial role in attracting customers. In addition, when creating a restaurant design, you should take care of the comfort of visitors.

The design of the restaurant (Kharkov) from the architectural agency DeZZign is the creation of a special atmosphere in the institution. For customers, the cafe is not just a place to eat. Here people are going to relax, chat, discuss business matters. The task of DeZZign designers is to exclusively design the restaurant so that visitors want to return to it again. Creating a design project of a restaurant, one should take into account many nuances. So, the concept of an institution is important. Simply put, the main guideline of the interior of the restaurant is its focus. For example, the design of the institution where Italian cuisine is offered will be significantly different from the sushi bar. An important point is the target audience (people of mature age or youth). The institution should have comfortable and practical furniture.

You can order the design of a restaurant, bar, cafe at any time convenient for you in the architectural bureau DeZZign. At the very first stage, we find out the wishes of the customer as well as his special requirements for a specific project. The issue of aesthetics and technical aspects are discussed first. We will offer the customer various options for the interior of the cafe, among which he will choose the most optimal for himself. In order for the design project to be successfully implemented, it is necessary to take into account such factors:

Division of the room into thematic zones.


Stylistic solutions.

Use certain colors in the interior.

The location of furniture and equipment.

The interior design of the cafe, developed by our professionals, is sure to be remembered by visitors. We create an exclusive style, advise on the selection of optimal furniture, decoration elements. We recommend ordering a turnkey restaurant project for those who value their time and wish to realize all their dreams of a beautiful restaurant.

Hotel Interior Design

The design project of the hotel is created taking into account many factors. The ergonomics of the room, the architectural features of the building and other nuances are important. First of all, you need to decide on the style. After that, furniture, decoration materials, decor will be selected.

The first thing a person immediately pays attention to when he enters a hotel is its interior. The impression of the establishment depends on the design of the space. A potential client, focusing on the atmosphere and interior design of the hotel, will decide to stay there.

The design of the mini-hotel, as a rule, is unobtrusive, designed in a certain style. He is not too conspicuous, but he must immediately like and remember the visitor.

Unique hotel design by DeZZign

The unrivaled and original design project of the hotel from the DeZZign company will attract many visitors who will be satisfied with the interior of the establishment. We will help you:

Create the corporate identity of the hotel, which will highlight its advantages among the rest - with the help of the interior, color schemes, lighting, decoration.

Decorate the hotel rooms so that customers are comfortable.

Create a pleasant atmosphere in the hotel.

Here you can order the design of a boutique hotel, mini-hotel and many other services, the quality of which we guarantee.

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