Store design

Store design - a tool for increasing sales

Most buyers make purchases using their emotions. This has been proven by statistics. The main role is played by the interior of the store. After all, it was the buyer who initially focused on him. Therefore, the design should be such as to instantly attract a customer and arouse his interest in visiting your store.

The design of the store (Kharkov) will allow you to get the maximum profit from your business. It is noteworthy that for the development of design, knowledge in this area is not enough. The specialist must also be knowledgeable in marketing and consumer psychology. Such professionals work in the architectural agency DeZZign.

Before ordering the design of a store in Kharkov, you need to decide how you see the interior of the store. The field of activity is also very important. For example, the interior design of a shoe store will be significantly different from the interior of a children's store, etc. These subtleties can be calculated only by experienced designers who have decent experience in this field.

The design of the store should hide any existing flaws (for example, space). Of particular importance is lighting. It should be bright, but at the same time, not blind customers. The store, showroom, the design of which will be developed by specialists of the architectural bureau DeZZign, is guaranteed to be popular among buyers. It is very important that the person who came to buy the store interior does not distract from viewing the product. Moreover, skillfully designed design will surely persuade the customer to buy.

The most important rule to keep in mind is that the store’s interior design must exactly match the target customers. The chic design will not be appropriate in a store selling mid-range products. A too simple interior is not suitable for a store specializing in the sale of expensive goods.

As for the design of the walls, their color should emphasize the goods. In no case, the color scheme should not distract the client from the goods. The design of the store should have the following features:

Highlighting competitive advantages.

Focusing on products.

Concealment of flaws.

The design of the store should be developed in accordance with the individual characteristics of customers - age, gender, type of activity, etc.

Interior design of shops of various kinds

As already mentioned, the design of a commercial space should be aimed at a potential client. He must emphasize products from afar. For example, the design of a clothing store consists of such a part as a reproduction with a model. It needs to be constantly changed. This is due to the psychology of the buyer who comes to buy his attractiveness and beauty. That is why the client will mentally think about how he would look in this or that clothing.

The design of a building materials store should be customer-oriented, as simple as possible, and focus customer attention on the product. It is important to choose the optimal lighting so that the buyer can examine the product in detail. The design of the linen store should cause an irresistible desire among customers (especially the beautiful half of humanity) to buy products. It needs to be thought out in detail, because the most important thing here is spectacularity.

It is desirable that the design of the grocery store was not too intrusive. Here it is necessary to strike a balance between attracting customers and their attention to a specific product.

The design of the children's store should not overload the walls. Overload for the interior of children's products is the main mistake that will lead to confusion and dispersal of the child.

DeZZign - the best customer choice

Turnkey store design is one of the services provided by DeZZign. Here you will find:

Experienced designers whose activities are aimed at obtaining results in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Retail design after careful study of customer niche.

Reasonable prices for services and compliance with the original deadlines.

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