The style of the interior. Eco style

Eco-style in the interior appeared as a response to the negative state of ecology, the fast pace of life of urban residents and emerging against the background of this stress and tension. The style of the interior gives a feeling of unity with nature, and with it internal harmony.

In the interior, it is customary to use calm, natural colors that will not be defiant and will not annoy after a hard day at the metropolis. Pure shades of beige, blue, grass, gray and other natural, pleasant tones are perfect for this style. The best colors will be those that can be seen in wildlife. Then the goal of unity with nature will be achieved to the maximum.

As with colors, the materials must be of natural origin. Wood, stone, glass. The larger the tree, the more clearly Eco style becomes visible. In this case, the painting of materials should be postponed. Only use varnish, primer or stain.

When choosing furniture for the interior in an Eco-style, you should pay attention to simple, almost primitive forms. The natural texture of the furniture material should be pronounced.

Eco-style accessories complete the overall concept. These are chests and baskets made of twigs or rattan. In fabrics preference is given to flax, cotton. Ceramic dishes and woolen rugs will fit perfectly and complement the interior.

Eco style involves a large amount of light, which is close to natural. A large window will fill the space with light during the day, warm spectrum lamps with a yellow tint - at night.

As for household appliances - its use in the Eco-style is debatable. Some designers believe that technology has no place in such interior solutions. Others talk about saving natural resources, such as the wasteful use of water, which can be achieved, for example, using a dishwasher.