This House is the seventh in the list of our large architectural projects, and, as you know, seven is a lucky number. The number seven meets us everywhere - seven days a week, seven colors of the rainbow ... This lucky number is also not only for us, but also for our Customer. The house will be built in the Kharkov region and its area, taking into account the terraces, will be magical 777 meters. This estate will be located in the picturesque Kharkov region, in close proximity to the city. Our favorite aspect in designing this mansion is its well-thought-out ergonomics. Ergonomics of entrance to the territory, entrance to the garage, convenience and reasonableness of movement in the interior of a huge house. This estate is being developed for the Customer, who are two cool and progressive families - fathers and children ... This project embodies our idea of ​​a modern house, its attitude to its main functional places: kitchen, living room, bedrooms and tracks. The format of their use is for every day of the week and for life, so we very carefully and seriously thought out the concept of this house. The main materials of the facades: clinker brick, shingles on the roof, windows - German profile SCHUCO. The main task was to organize a comfortable living environment for two families with a common area for a comfortable rest of residents after busy and business weeks. And we did it! In the coming month, we promise to add even more new and interesting projects, not only with the planning and visualization of facades, but also with the implementation of interiors!

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