We create outstanding

The owner of the apartment is a person with an extraordinary worldview, a zealous perfectionist and aesthetic in one person. One for whom the refined beauty and functionality of space has a sacred meaning, and the beauty of his future housing is consonant with the concepts of environmental friendliness, harmony and visual fundamentality of living space.

Deliberately exposed columns and ceiling demonstrate the brutal texture of concrete. The whole interior is built on a frank mix of modern and classic furniture, which clearly reflects the customer’s desire to get an interior that will help emphasize the status and at the same time will not lose its utilitarian functionality. The entire space of the apartment is filled with bright objects of art, which, combined with elegant lamps, give the room additional notes of nobility and sophistication.

Dark tones of walls and textiles, as well as natural materials of decoration add to the space of the apartment more isolation and comfort; the interconnection between forms and textures gives the room more planning and depth.