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This house is located in a picturesque place of the Kharkov region, in close proximity to the pine forest surrounding the boundless expanse of the Saltovskoye reservoir. Based on the wishes of the customer and the features of the existing relief, the architectural and planning decision of the house was made at the same level. Despite the apparent compactness, inside the house is unexpectedly spacious. All this is achieved thanks to original design solutions: mutual flow of general-purpose spaces, and a cozy chamber of private rooms.

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Along the perimeter of the protruding roof, the entire building is “chained” in metal, creating the effect of a protective shell made of metal scales. The living room block is a significant style-forming element of the house, which is deliberately pushed forward and lined with thermal wood, thereby making another curtsy towards the environmental friendliness of the architectural building. The lantern located on the roof, like a collective image of the observation deck of a high-tech submarine. Its direct function is precisely to let in even more sunlight into the house, filling every corner of the inner space with daylight.