Mix and match style in architecture and design

The mix and match style is popular in many areas. Designers, architects and couturiers are passionate about the new opportunity to combine completely different things. “Mix and match” is a reflection of the modern trend, which is a combination of different colors and shapes within the same style.

In architecture, this style appeared after it began to be used in the fashion industry. However, this did not affect the quantity and quality of ideas associated with it. The combination of various materials, shapes and elements creates new unique projects.

One of the most famous mix and match architectural solutions is the Philharmonic in Hamburg, worked on by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meron. The building seemed to be assembled from two different buildings: one half resembles a rusty square, and the other rises above it with a glass crown.

The mix and match style has also taken root in interior design. Many designers create unique things combining incongruous. Unexpectedly bright colors are added to classic, familiar styles. Natural materials combine with artificial ones.

The undoubted advantage of this style is that it can be created by anyone who wants to slightly change their interior. To do this, you do not need to completely redo any elements. It is enough to make new, bold decisions. For example, if you want to transform the dining room - just combine different services when you are serving the table. Designers from the Queensberry Hunt bureau have a whole collection of bone china dishes of the same name. Its value is that it is combined with absolutely any brands and vintage dishes or handmade dishes.

If this is a living room - choose pillows of a soft, calm color with a bold print - this will refresh the room.

In the event that you still want to completely transform the room in the style of mix and match, pay attention to the combination of style and elements that are inappropriate to this style. For example, boldly add accents and modern decor elements to the classic style. You can also add vintage decoration to the modern interior.

The mix and match style resonates with the concept of zero waste, because it allows you not to abandon old acquisitions in favor of new ones. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to combine interior elements that have long been in operation with the latest trends in the world of design.

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