ISH 2019

On March 11, 2019 in Frankfurt am Main (Messe Frankfurt), Germany, one of the largest exhibitions of plumbing, equipment and furniture for bathrooms, air conditioning systems and ISH installation technologies was held.

The exhibition takes place every two years in Germany in Frankfurt, the next is scheduled for March 22, 2021.

Among the ISH participants there are 2,400 companies from 60 countries: Germany, Canada, Russia, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, as well as many other countries. The total exhibition area is about 260,000 sq.m. Such a space accommodates two main sections: ISH Water and ISH Energy. An important part of the exhibition is the design and equipment of bathrooms - technical solutions which combine comfort and functionality.

The number of people wishing to evaluate the latest design solutions exceeds 200,000 people. All the presented elements of the exposition allow us to carefully study the innovations in the field of water and energy supply, ventilation, heating and air cooling systems that meet modern environmental safety requirements and resource conservation.

In addition to the main exhibition, there are also many events that are associated with it. A variety of contextual forums, business meetings and award ceremonies make it possible to highlight the most important acquisitions and evaluate the scale of industry development.

The event is attended by manufacturers of heating and water supply systems, plumbing and climatic equipment, engineers, builders, planners, architects, designers, wholesale and retail agents.

This year, over 4 days the exhibition was visited by 190,000 people from 161 countries. The main rule of the exhibition is that a modern bathroom should be designed as a cozy and special place in which the body and mind can feel equally comfortable.

The ISH Water section of the exhibition is the world's largest exhibition hall for modern bathroom concepts and solutions in the field of sustainable plumbing, demonstrating the entire range from high-tech to high-class design.

Manufacturers presented the latest design trends, as well as modern environmentally friendly technologies designed to meet today's needs.

The first thing you need to pay attention to, following the latest trends presented at ISH 2019 is color.

In design solutions, 12 color trends prevail:

1. Gray. This is the new white. As you know, earlier in the baths white color prevailed, now, designers prefer to use gray in their works. It can be used in all textures and manifestations.

2. Brown. This color can be used in different shades - from terracotta to mud color. It goes well with various metals.

3. Gold. This color is perfect for accents. Its various shades underline the status of the interior. Gold can be combined with gray.

4. Black. As before, this is a sign of luxury. It is not necessary to create a completely black interior; contrast solutions such as classic black and white are possible.

5. Bright color. Suitable for children's bathrooms. It is recommended to use bright colors in the form of accessories, so that you can change the atmosphere of the room when the child grows up. Any bright colors are suitable: yellow, blue, red.

6. Color harmony. In this case, colors are selected that complement each other. For example, blue and pink.

7. Tone to tone. When everything is the same color, but in different textures: wood, concrete, marble.

8. Green. The most relevant color. It is perfect for young people, for those who want to create an oasis in the house.

9. Pastel colors. These colors are suitable for girls. The most popular among them: pale blue, pale pink, mint.

10. Grey or gray-beige. This color is used on different textures, creating a solid exposure.

11. Blue. Unusual color for the bathroom will create a marine mood.

13. White. This is a classic color for the bathroom for a long time.

The undisputed favorite of design is “clean design” - no frills. It can go both towards minimalism and towards brutalism. The direction is determined primarily by the color and texture that will be selected.

Bidets become thin and similar to ordinary toilets. All technical parts go deep into the ceramic body, communications are built into the walls, which supports the idea of ​​clean design. Shower enclosures should still be open and spacious. In some models of shower cabins there are magnetic holders for the shower, which greatly facilitates its use.

Among the companies that presented the novelties of their production were Hansgrohe, Kermi, Duravit, Keuco, TECE, Laufen.