Isaloni 2019

Isaloni or Salon Internazionale Del Mobile is an event that all designers and furniture manufacturers strive to attend. This exhibition is held every year in Milan (Italy), starting in 1961. In 2019, the exhibition was held from April 9 to April 14.More than 2,000 projects were presented on an area of ​​approximately 200 thousand square meters. All of them are a new vision in design, decoration and new technologies. This year's iSaloni was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. This prompted the organizers to create a new category of “genius” in the Manifesto of the exhibition, which allowed participants to create new design solutions. The iSaloni exhibition defines the direction of fashion in interiors and trends in the formation of the furniture market for the future. This year it contained several exhibitions:

1. Salone Internazionale del Mobile. There are three categories in this project: classic, design and xLux. It combines business and culture, and is the most authoritative and visited. 

2. International Furnishing Accessories. The main project in the field of accessories, accessories, textiles and other decorative elements. Among the presented brands, one could notice the Ukrainian brand NADIIA and their ceramics.

3. Euroluce. This section of the exhibition presents innovations in the field of lighting interiors and exteriors. Not only goods for home lighting are exhibited here, but also special medical ones. This year's trend was pendant lights of unusual shapes and colors made of glass, aluminum and various metal parts.

4. Workplace3.0. A project that introduced the latest workplace design. It also allows you to study and analyze future and necessary changes in jobs.

5. SaloneSatellite. The best meeting place for entrepreneurs and beginners, promising designers. It is designed for people under 35 years old and allows them to create projects that subsequently become in demand and popular. This year, the Japanese won the KULI-KULI and their Kobe Leather project.

6. S.Project. A new project, which began its work in 2019, at the 58th exhibition. He is the link in all of the above projects and connects designers and companies. This part of the exhibition is also devoted to product design and decorative and technical solutions: exterior and interior decoration, health products and fabrics, lighting, upholstery and furniture decoration. This year 66 exhibitors were demonstrated in the project.

At the 2019 exhibition, geometric shapes and glass floated. Using these elements, one could see both furniture and fittings and lamps. The most visited exposition this year was the AQUA water installation, Leonardo’s Water Vision - up to 2,000 people visited it every day. The next time the exhibition starts on April 21, 2020 in Milan (Italy).

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