Interior styles. High tech

High Tech is a modern direction in design. Initially, it was declared as an interior style for office premises, because its features were far from home comfort and warmth. High-tech - the literal translation of the word means “high technology”, which reveals its essence to us.

Over time, designers were able to realize the style in the homes. The interior thought out to the smallest detail, combining originality, simplicity and technological effectiveness has become attractive to many people.

The main distinguishing feature of the Hi-Tech style is the location of the equipment, which is not hidden, as in other styles, but rather is demonstrated. It is important to choose a technique that will harmoniously look with the design as a whole, as well as with its individual elements.

High-tech interior style involves a large amount of artificial lighting. It is worth choosing lighting fixtures of geometric shapes to maintain the overall mood of the design.

The mood is supported by the color palette. It includes neutral colors and shades: white, black, beige, light gray, metallic. All tones are combined, thus creating accents and contrasts, which divides the room into conditional zones. The interior may have bright, acidic shades, however, do not get involved in them. When used carefully, pure red, blue, green and yellow will become clear accents. High tech decoration is quite restrained. Usually use black and white photographs or prints.

Maintaining technology and modernity is the most important thing for High Tech. In this, designers are helped by the materials that are used to create the interior. Glass, plastic, metal. A little less often use wood and stone.

Simple, functional furniture is what underlines the general atmosphere of the Hi-Tech interior. Clear, straight lines that hide everything that can be distracting.