Interior styles: Loft. Minimalism. Techno

Interior styles - this is one of the main components of the home of modern man. Maintaining a certain style in the house is an indicator of taste and understanding of modern trends. This is one of the main indicators of preferences in the comfort of the homeowner.

Interior styles are certain signs: decoration, decor, furniture, which correspond to specific areas of design thought.

At the moment, you can choose any of a large number of styles - it will be relevant. However, there are the most popular and famous.

Loft. This style is suitable for everyone who loves free space and does not like partitions.

Loft (“attic”), like many other styles, we adopted from foreign designers. It was formed in the early 40s in the United States. Then many used abandoned buildings of factories and warehouses as a dwelling.

What is a loft in the interior? The main feature of this style is the combination of things that at first glance do not combine. For example, brick walls and open ventilation with the latest technology, designer mirrors and the like.

Loft style has almost no decor. The emphasis is on free space in which there are no small parts. All irregularities and, at first glance, imperfections in such an interior are appreciated and are the main feature.

How to make an interior in the Loft style? Typically, the loft style in an apartment is a room made in cold colors with high windows and lots of light. The furniture that is used for such a transformation of the house is as functional and simple as possible.

Why do people choose the Loft style in the interior? An important feature of the Loft style is the absence of walls. In this case, the room is divided into zones using contrasting colors and light, furniture also plays the role of zoning the room. If walls are present, they are usually made of glass or other transparent material that allows you to maintain a sense of open space.

If you want to add details to the Loft interior, then posters on the walls, graffiti or traffic signs are considered acceptable. However, it is worth remembering that the Loft style does not imply a large number of bright accents.

Minimalism. In this style you will not find frills. Accurate lines and simplicity are the main features of Minimalism.

This style of interior involves the use of natural materials in the form of geometric shapes, neutral colors and simple composition.

What is minimalism in the interior? The main objective of Minimalism is to make space as free as possible. Thus, the style does not imply a large amount of furniture and decor. In a typically white interior, accents are accentuated with the opposite black or gray color. Also, due to the use of natural and industrial materials in the style, shades of wood, metal and brick are possible.

An important component of the Minimalism style is multi-level lighting. It not only fulfills its main function, but also divides the room into zones.

Minimalism as an interior style involves a lot of light. Therefore, often in the interior there are large windows that fill the room with natural light.

Decorative elements are replaced by simple geometric shapes of windows, walls and furniture. This preserves the basis of Minimalism - simple forms and conciseness.

Techno This style will appeal to everyone who does not want to lose comfort in the pursuit of functionality and adaptability.

Constructivists discovered Techno in the 80-90s of the XX century and revolutionized the design world. Now this style does not lose its relevance.

The first thing that tells you what style the room is made in is massive metal doors. Thus, the effect of manufacturability is achieved.

What is techno in the interior? Freedom and clear lines are the main idea of ​​the Techno style. Ceilings in the interior are usually open - beams and lamps are noticeable. Due to this, the lines acquire clarity.

Color solutions of a style are often cold shades, shades of rust and khaki. Warm colors are mainly used to identify areas in a room.

In the interior in the style of Techno, it is customary to use furniture that is made of plastic, with open pipes.

In a room where it is possible to install a staircase - a spiral staircase appears without fail.

Like the two previous styles, Techno does not imply an abundant decoration to maintain free space. However, a small amount of decor is permitted. As a rule, these are plastic or metal objects.

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