Interior styles. Contemporary

The style of interior Contemporari appeared in the 60s of the twentieth century. The basis was taken Scandinavian style. That is why Contemporari is not only a modern direction, but personifies comfort and coziness.

The main task was to create furniture and household appliances that would be not only convenient, but also affordable.

The style of Contemporari has a simple layout and design. Everything in style is combined with each other, objects and functional furniture are harmoniously placed in the room.

The Contemporari style room is usually divided into zones using glass partitions, floors and ceilings of different levels. Screens, curtains and furniture designs will also help to divide the room into zones. In addition, such options bring home comfort and warmth.

Contemporari is characterized by smooth surfaces with regular shapes. The symmetry of the lines allows proportional placement of all interior elements. Furniture, with many drawers and storage compartments, allows you to hide everything that can upset the harmony of the interior.

The interior style of Contemporari involves materials of artificial origin: glass, artificial stone, laminate on the floor. Walls are most often painted with paint, or plain, neutral wallpapers are used. On the ceilings, drywall with integrated lighting.

The color scheme is calm, with possible bright accents. Decoration is minimized, most often these are simple forms - ethnic or classical.