• Location:

    Kievskaya oblast’

  • Date:

    Started June 2020

  • Square meters:

    487 м2

  • Command:

    team deZZign

Architectural design of a private house for a large family

Ascetic House is not just the name of a private house, but an embodiment of the inner world of its future owner. The owner of the house knows a lot about minimalism and hi-tech, and is also a very pragmatic and ascetic person, at the same time - visual, which affected the design and decoration of the house, and, mind you, the decoration is by no means cheap, but minimalistic, without unnecessary pathos. As a visual person and a great lover of nature, we glazed the facades of the house with Schüco panoramic window systems with increased thermal insulation as much as possible, because the area of ​​the glazed facades is almost 30% of the entire facade, thereby providing the maximum view of the chic milking area and the pine forest. The surrounding landscape and natural materials of the house dissolve its architecture and create an organic absorption of the anthropogenic and the natural. Thus, the deZZign team struck a balance between modern architecture and timeless nature. Only the beauty and scope of nature, nothing more!

The task was also to create a calm, cozy and comfortable architecture and interior of the mansion for permanent residence. As in the facades, the interior is dominated by scope, a large amount of space and air, as well as chords of ascetic minimalism. In the exterior, our team used materials such as concrete, clinker, quartzite, panoramic glazing and seam roofing. For a comfortable stay in the territory at night, a huge amount of hidden LED-backlighting with automatic brightness and heat control is implemented. In the interior, it is porcelain stoneware, wood, concrete and microcement. For relaxation and full recovery of households, we have created a full-fledged SPA-zone and a large 25-meter pool, which can delight future owners almost three seasons a year.

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