Orange County

  • Location:

    Kharkiv, Ukraine

  • Date:


  • Square meters:

    66 м2

  • Command:

    team deZZign

2 years ago, we were approached by a young modern couple of IT specialists who purchased a small apartment in a residential complex Zhilstroy 2, Kharkov.

DeZZIgn faced the task of competently and ergonomically designing the interior in such a way that a spacious kitchen with a living room, a master bedroom and a small guest room, and in the future a children's room, fit in this interior. The plot is based on minimalism, rigor and the desire to add the style of one design hotel located in California, Orange County. An important point was also a certain budget, beyond which we could not go beyond the fact, and even were able to significantly save for additional elements of interior design.

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