Copper Hall. Exterior

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    In progress

  • Square meters:

    660 m²

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    Dezzign Team

Hello! We want to tell you today about the Project of a new office building, which is already underway in Ukraine, but we will indicate the city a little later.

The office building is located in the heart of a modern, dynamically developing and technologically advanced IT city. Are there too many clues? Oh well, let's get to the point ...

In this case, the building of the 90s built with “unique” design decisions in the modernist style of the turbulent and still undefinable 90s fell into our hands of the architect. In general, imagine for yourself ... The task was set as follows: to create a technologically unique building, a center of attraction and a new attraction in the city center, to shift the emphasis, so to speak. In addition, we completely redesign the interior design in such a way that it is comfortable for people of completely different views and religions) We were happy to accept this challenge and now we present to you the result of our work.

We did not just reconstruct the building, but created a completely new one in the style of techno-minimalism. In the language of architecture, we have shown technological effectiveness and identified specific zones that correspond to the internal content.

Interestingly, the facade of the building we made of KME copper and “torn” from the high ground floor due to the huge panoramic glazing with Passiv House technology, read more on the link on our website

+ used large format LAMINAM (porcelain stoneware) with seamless styling. Since on the visualizations the facade will look in a few years, when the copper oxidizes and acquires a noble shade of age.

The second floor, however, hangs over the first, creating the feeling of a “soaring” technological and modern building. In order to minimize heat loss in winter, we used SCHUCO windows with a profile thickness of 120 to design a window. And for a constant comfortable temperature - a very complex and thoughtful ventilation system with smart home technologies.

The interior of this building is under development and very soon we will be able to present it to you.

The architects and designers of deZZign thank you for your time!

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