Trichology clinic Interior

  • Location:

    Kharkiv, Ukraine

  • Date:

    In progress

  • Square meters:


  • Command:

    Dezzign Team

Trichology clinic Interior is a new format of the Dermatological Clinic in Kharkov. The clinic is a diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical unit with a hospital for operated patients. The task for us was to compactly arrange all these blocks necessary for the clinic on an area of ​​only 150 m2. A separate task was to create a comfortable and ernogomic entrance group, which was supposed to expand by 10 m2. The entrance group was supposed to become comfortable and cozy for the patient without the feeling that you are directly in the Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic. An important element of the entrance group is also a cabinet with specialized products necessary for the effective treatment of patients, as well as their convenience, based on the principle of an all-in-one closed medical institution. In the decoration of the facades Italian materials were used, such as quartz stone with imitation of marble texture, energy-efficient windows of the German company SCHUCO. The interior solution was implemented using artificial stone, both on the floor and walls, as well as the facades of the lower level of the display case. A separate locally in the interior solution is given to lighting, copper elements of the display case and accessories.

Trichology clinic Interior image 1