In this article we will try to answer only 2 questions.

  • What it is?
  • What is necessary for design and arrangement? Rationality.

Finally you decided to buy an apartment and you came across an option with a ceiling height of about 6m .... This is just the very best case for the implementation of the mezzanine floor, you think? Well - let's get acquainted with such a seemingly great idea in practice and the experience of deZZign specialists.

The mezzanine floor or the mezzanine, which looks very cool and modern in the interior, gives you the opportunity to feel that you have purchased a house or a penthouse. Cool? Cool! Now we will try to tell you what it is and how to work with it on the example of one of the Projects that we implemented.


The mezzanine is an internal superstructure, which is located within one floor and does not occupy more than 40% of the premises.

The main feature of such a site is its compactness and relatively low weight, plus the small thickness of the ceiling. The advantages of this design follow from this:

  • Rational use of the free space of the room;
  • The effect of visual correction of an elongated room due to its division;
  • The interior with a mezzanine looks modern and seems to breathe the entire volume of the room.
  • The disadvantages of this design include:

Limited by the mass of the placed elements of furniture. That's because welds of metal structures are not recommended to overload. In view of this, some restrictions are imposed on the choice of furniture and their quantity. You should choose the most simple and light furniture and be limited only to really necessary items;

Not everyone can afford to equip a fencing on mezzanines from sound-absorbing partitions due to their high cost. Therefore, such superstructures are often not isolated from another residential area as a full-fledged room, and this can no longer be called full-fledged rooms;

Along with the ability to increase the usable area of ​​the room, the mezzanine, in view of its design features, will also conceal the space of the first floor. The largest such element of the superstructure will be the staircase, which will occupy quite a lot of space, which will require the designer to work out the space under it.

Where to start construction?

When all the pros and cons are weighed, and you have made a 100% decision that you still build the mezzanine, you need to take care of security.

Before choosing a location, design, etc., it is necessary to evaluate the very possibility of building an add-on:

  • First of all, it is necessary to make an examination of the technical condition of the supporting structures of the building - not everywhere it is possible, but if possible, the cost of construction can overlap the logical meaning of this event;
  • get a conclusion permitting the construction of a mezzanine from the designer;
  • order a project of the superstructure and coordinate it in the appropriate services, which is also not an easy task, such additional loads arise on the construction of the house and the foundation.