How to choose a sofa for yourself

How to choose a sofa for yourself

Fortunately or unfortunately, the sofa is the very place of the apartment around which all life will take place. The sofa is a complex engineering structure), since it has dynamic loads, and since it is not a cheap type of furniture, but rather one of the most expensive, you should be very serious about choosing a sofa.

Let's start with a history lesson ... Nobody will say how exactly the word “sofa” appeared. It is known that around the sixteenth century it meant a completely different thing, something like a “List”. And these lists were kept in the chancellery and bookkeeping of the time, where there was just furniture that looked like long benches for sitting, which later became the progenitor of modern understanding, the word "Sofa".

So, we figured out the name and history, we return to choosing a sofa for ourselves.

The first and most important thing that you should pay attention to is the basis of the sofa - the frame. It is necessary to understand exactly what it is made of, how long this construction has been on the market. Such a choice - particleboard, plywood or, His Majesty, metal frame. Here we recommend the latter, since such a construction is the most durable and reliable, such a system will serve you for many years, and there will not be a hint even that something might go wrong, and it's time to look for a new one ...

There is only one moment - the price! The price is high not only because the work and the metal itself are more expensive, but due to the fact that such a development requires significant time costs and the creation of such a product requires a completely different skill and level of specialists.

The second, but this must be done simultaneously with the first point - to draw your attention to the workmanship (sofa materials and the quality of the firmware - seams). If you don’t check briefly about what the frame is made of, but just trust the brand and the manager’s words, then in this case the whole picture is before your eyes. If the seams "dance", sloppy - you do not need such a sofa. These moments indicate that the production is “artisanal” and there is no question of any quality control, quality control department. Just get away from this.

Third - filling the sofa. Foam rubber? Do not even look at this one, because after a few weeks such a product will begin to lose shape, and sitting in the summer heat will be extremely uncomfortable - it will “float”. Focus on a spring block or polyurethane foam of at least 25 density. For skin and tissue - your choice. Beware of only very thin or stretching fabrics - they will quickly lose their appearance.

The fourth is the mechanism. Here you need to look at everything - from the manufacturer of the mechanism, the quality of the painting, the course.

Ok, with manufacturing technology and quality sorted out, what next?

Next, you should enter the options you like into your design. Sometimes 10 cm less, 10 cm more will greatly affect the usability of such furniture in your home. Design, design and design again. It all starts with design.

Before buying, be sure to visit the salon, “try” the sofa, clearly understand for yourself that it is “yours” and you will like it for more than one year. In our work, we do not recommend purchasing replica sofas, cheap options, since you will quickly be disappointed in quality and will have to return to buying a quality product again. Important! Do not get fooled by marketing - today and only today a discount of 50%. This never happens on high-quality and sought-after products. The price is always consistent with quality, especially with such a complex technological cycle.

Designers of the dezzign company recommend such Brands: Poliform, Flexform, Molteni & C, B&B ITALIA.