Incredible floating houses in the forests of Norway

Incredible floating houses in the forests of Norway

In the Norwegian forest in the town of Odda, cottages are located right in the trees. The cabins with the telling name Woodnest are a great solution for an unusual holiday. The houses are attached to the trees only with a steel collar, so no additional structures are required. One tree - one cottage. Thanks to such an extraordinary fixing solution, it seems that the pine tree “pierces” the house.

A method that minimizes environmental impact was developed by Helen & Hard Architects. The architects did not want to destroy the natural landscape and found a new solution that made it possible to place houses at a height of 4-6 meters and preserve the magical nature of the Norwegian forest. Sally and Kjartan Aano's clients liked this approach as they are environmentalists.

The main task of the project was to create a space that will allow you to fully experience life in nature. It will combine the usual observation of nature and an action unusual for a modern person - climbing trees.

Immersion in the atmosphere begins from the moment you arrive in the thicket. Guests must walk to their temporary home: do not drive along the mountain path by car. As soon as the entire path is overcome, outwardly absolutely identical houses will appear on the horizon. To climb into the cottage itself, located at a height of about 6 meters, you need to walk along a wooden ramp. As a reward for the entire journey, guests will have a gorgeous view.

The house with an area of ​​only 15 square meters contains everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay. The bathroom and bedroom are located on either side of the entrance, guiding guests deeper into the home. The remaining space accommodates the kitchen and living room with beautiful panoramic views of the forest and mountains. All building elements emphasize and remind guests that they are in Norway. Timber structures, untreated shingles on a cone-shaped house, wooden ceiling slats.

Woodnest is proof that incredible, stylish design can be brought into a small space. To do this, it is necessary to competently divide the space, create an interior that will fit into the environment and will not be overloaded with unnecessary, pretentious elements.

The cabins can be rented on the Woodnest website.