Upholstered furniture from Italy from Poltrona Frau

Upholstered furniture from Italy from Poltrona Frau

The Italian company Poltrona Frau began its work in 1912, when Renzo Frau registered his brand. The factory is known for its furniture all over the world - high-quality and elegant products will impress connoisseurs of leather furniture.

Initially, the brand was famous for furniture exclusively for work. The factory produced sofas and armchairs in the luxurious English Chester style. But with the development of production, the range also began to expand and products for home use, the automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft industries appeared. Despite this, the company's main product has always been leather chairs, sofas and armchairs for everyday use.

An important part of the production of Poltrona Frau furniture is the preparation of leather, it goes through 20 stages of processing, which are controlled by the world's best specialists.

For 108 years, the brand has received recognition from many well-known companies and even, in 1926, the royal court. Poltrona Frau furniture can be seen in car showrooms of such brands as Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Range Rover, as well as in high-class concert halls. After so many advancements, in 2012 the brand opened its own museum, thus celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Poltrona Frau is a truly unique product company. The design of the products combines classic and modern: leather and wood, as representatives of the classic style, are perfectly combined with such modern metals as titanium and aluminum. Remembering the company's slogan: “We are often imitated, but we are inimitable!”, We can say with confidence that this is really so. The only thing is that many of the furniture models are still assembled by hand.

Thanks to the symbiosis of styles, Poltrona Frau looks great in both classic and modern interiors. The Italian brand is famous not only for its beauty, but also for its excellent ergonomics. Armchairs, sofas, beds are a work of art, a real interior decoration. In addition, the products are also incredibly comfortable and have a huge assortment.

Let's take a look at some of the Poltrona Frau collections:

- Poltrona Frau John John - sofas and beds in this collection are made of solid beech, pillows filled with goose down and trim in soft Pelle Frau leather.

- Montera - this collection features beech chairs and armchairs that were created thanks to the designer Roberto Lazerotti. The leather used in the decoration is Pelle Frau Color System.

- Arcadia - sofas with a recognizable silhouette: rounded merged backs and armrests and upholstery in leather from Pelle Frau.