Library designed by Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem opened in Oslo

Library designed by Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem opened in Oslo

The new Deichman Bjørvika library has opened in Oslo, Norway. It was designed by Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem. The building is located next to the Norwegian Opera House, designed by the architectural firm Snøhetta.

The creators of Deichman Bjørvika are the winners of the 2009 international architecture competition from the Norwegian bureaus Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem. The library was built on the banks of Oslo, in the Bjervik region.

Based on the idea of ​​Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem, the library should function as a public place where you can come not only to read books. The building has five floors, in the center is a grandiose room with 450,000 books, which can be enjoyed in one of the cozy corners of the library.

In addition to reading rooms, the architects have foreseen here a large cinema and a spacious auditorium for 200 people on the ground floor. On the ground floor, there are food courts: restaurants, cafes, and there you can also find a store with magazines. The recording studios are located one floor higher, going up one floor higher you can stumble upon a mini-cinema and rooms with various entertainments for all ages.

The name of the library is a tribute to Karl Deichman, a famous 18th century entrepreneur in Norway, he also did charity work and loved to collect books. At one time he collected over 6,000 books, which served as the basis for the old Oslo Public Library.