House - “wave” on a fjord in Denmark

House - “wave” on a fjord in Denmark

In the port city of Vejle, in Denmark, a new residential complex Wave has appeared. The construction, which was built since 2006, stands on the shores of the fjord of the same name. In 2008, only two of the planned five towers were completed: because of the economic crisis, construction had to be stopped, it was resumed after 7 years, in 2015. And today, the Danish architectural company Henning Larsen Architects announced that the project has finally been completed.

“Wave” has already become an important architectural component of the city - the project, not even being fully implemented, received a couple of architectural awards. Not far from it is, today, the only architectural project of the artist Olafur Eliasson. Two such special buildings are required to develop the entire area, which is located on the fjord.

A building with such an unusual shape and water motive turns into an intermediary between the city and nature. Architects drew inspiration from nature and the hilly landscape that is characteristic of this place, but is atypical for all of Denmark.

The complex is 14,000 square meters. m. consists of five nine-story towers. Each of the towers holds one hundred apartments, and on the upper floors there are penthouses in two tiers. The buildings are covered with a white terracotta vent façade, which unites the entire building and creates the illusion of a wave-like movement. However, this “canvas” performs the function of a canopy, which protects the rooms and balconies that protrude. The final part of the project was a well-equipped promenade and pier, which is responsible for access to water and the public component.