Hygge - comfort that brings happiness

For a long time, the trend in interior design has been the Hygge - the Scandinavian style. A distinctive feature of this design is simplicity and comfort. Designers are increasingly sent to Sweden and Iceland to study the local flavor and feel happiness, which was not previously expressed by any of the interior styles.

To understand what Hygge is, it is important to understand that these are not specific things, but a sense of the hearth. Everyone in Scandinavia, from public spaces to apartments and houses, inspire peace and serenity. These are places in which you want to stay as long as possible and reflect on the eternal. For this interior, the status does not matter: expensive decor items and accessories - this is not about Hygge. The simpler and more modest, the better. The main idea: "Happiness in the simple."

The interior of Hygge is all that you associate comfort with. Warm light, soft pillows and rugs, a carpet on the floor, a cozy fireplace. All this is the Scandinavian style. Country, minimalism and loft have something in common here, but the details turn this into a unique Hygge. The main spaces of this style are the kitchen and living room - places where coziness gathers the whole family.


White walls, soft colors, lots of light are the main attributes of the Hygge style. Light wood prevails in the interior: birch, ash, oak. The color palette is quite limited: white and gray as a background and cool tones for accents. This choice of color allows you to expand the space and reflect sunlight.

For the Scandinavian style, it’s important to choose simple fabrics such as cotton, satin and linen. In order to dilute a simple interior, you can use patterned fabrics in a cage or flower.