Design of facade groups

Design and design of facades

Design and engineering of facades is one of the most important components of the entire building, which makes it memorable and unique. Quite often, the development of the facade is carried out after the walls are erected. Thanks to the latest building technologies and professional designers, you can choose almost any facade design. The architectural bureau DeZZign performs complex design and facade design work of any complexity.

The design of the facade of the house from professionals is the key to the reliability and beauty of the building. The exterior design of the building should not only have an aesthetic appearance, but be practical and resistant to various influences.

Stages of design of the facade of the house

The design of entry groups consists of the following steps:

  • Drawing up a sketch, of course, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. It determines the style of the design, the presence of jewelry, a variety of cladding and other important points.
  • Design and visualization of the project. This requires tremendous knowledge in this area. It is almost impossible to create a project yourself without special skills.
  • Dressing. It should be borne in mind that decor elements should be combined with the general style of the facade.

The facade of the building will be visible to everyone. Therefore, he will accurately emphasize your taste preferences and status.

Building Facade Design Styles

The design of the facade can be decorated in any stylistic direction. So, the Art Nouveau style is in demand, which is characterized by smooth lines, the use of natural materials. High-tech uses glass, plastic and metal. Fans of luxury and chic, it is better to give preference to such a direction as Baroque. You can arrange the facade in several styles at the same time or lean towards the classic version.

Optimal prices for design services from Dezzign

The architectural company Dezzign invites everyone to beautifully decorate the facade of the house. We offer original design projects of the facade of a store, cafe, restaurant, bar, hotel. Thanks to the responsible work of our designers, any building will acquire a chic look. Collaborating with Dezzign, you get:

  • High-quality work on the design and design of facades.
  • One of the best prices throughout Kharkov.
  • High level of reliability of structures.
  • Unique design.
  • The fastest lead times.

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