Design of cottages Kharkiv

Modern design of cottages

The wonderful interior design of the house is an integral part of a comfortable home. The design of the cottage requires special effort and tremendous patience. Designing a modern interior design begins with the fact that experts find out all the taste preferences of the customer. The process itself is based on a thorough study of future stages and skillful planning.

The design of a country house has significant differences from the interior of any apartment. The differences are in different layouts and organization of the entire space. The interior of the cottage in a modern style is unlikely to be beautiful without the skill and experience of the designers. In the house, everything should be functional, harmonious, convenient. It is for these reasons that it will be rational to entrust the design of the cottage to professionals in their field.

Principles of creating a home interior

The design of the cottage (Kharkov) is a whole range of professional work and a very time-consuming process. Designers will be able to beat every feature of the interior, take into account the required amount of lighting, free up space and visually increase it, think through the functionality of each zone in the cottage. The following principles are laid in the creation of a villa design project:Functionality, reliability, practicality.


Compliance with the sequence of a certain style.

Creating a holistic picture that will accurately reflect the taste of the homeowner.

Phased work.

As for the stages, each individual project consists of such important stages:

Communication of specialists with a client.

Familiarization with the cottage by leaving the designer at the facility.

Creating several options for the interior of the house so that the customer can choose for himself the most optimal option.

Visualization using graphics.

Creation of drawings, preparation of documentation.

Harmonization of the budget.

The choice of decor, furniture and other accessories.

Design Services from DeZZign

The design of a villa, townhouse, cottage is a very complex and responsible work. To do this, we need vast knowledge in the field of design art. As a result of the efforts made, the interior of the cottage should be:





Professionals of the architectural agency DeZZign offer clients services for creating chic home interiors. The designers of our company will offer the customer various ideas, among which he will choose the most win-win for himself. We create a house design in different directions and styles (it can be one for the whole room or different for each room). A special place is occupied by color schemes in the home, since it is they that will set the mood for homeowners.

We recommend that you order a turnkey cottage interior design. The designer will completely lead your project, control the correctness and timeliness of all work. You are guaranteed to get the expected result. Customers from cities such as Kharkov, Kiev, Belgorod have already been able to appreciate the work of our masters. A nice feature of our architectural company is an adequate price for design services.

Composition of drawings and plans of the working draft ()

Warehouse of the structural part of the working project ()